I’m Not Done

Commission for Ghostwolf
Thank you~! uvu






filling a bathtub with the substance, throwing the person you hate the most in the tub and throwing the ice cube in the tub right after …. it would be over

such evil minds in this place

i love this evilness 

Nah, don’t just throw it in you gotta flick it dramatically over your shoulder without looking as you walk away, preferably with a darkly humorous one-liner.

"The cold never bothered me anyway"

Well actually, the reason its freezing so quickly is because its a super cold liquid. The glass was pristine and there were no nucleation sites for ice to grow. The moment something - like that ice cube - touches the water, the whole freezes over.
So what does this mean? Well, the truth is it would probably be even crueler. The ice would start to form around whatever surface it comes in contact with first. So you push them in, and their back starts to freeze. They start to splash, and ice starts to form everywhere. It grows around them, freezing them into contorted shapes. The last thing you see as the ice freezes around a screaming, terrified person is their frantic eyes, begging you to save them as gravity pulls them down into the freezing water. And then their face is gone, frozen over by the water. They sink, trapped forever.
Way to go, you monster.